Is a Standing Desk Actually Worth it?

Have you ever wondering why standing desks are all the rage, are they actually better than regular sitting desks? Let’s find out!

Is Sitting Really the Problem?

What do the researchers have to say about sitting versus standing for productivity and health? Before that, let’s look into some of the reasons why is sitting the problem? It essentially boils down to being sedentary is bad. We all heard the details about the rate of ddts versus stroke, versus diabetes. Even if you are very regular with your exercise, it’s not gonna completely reverse all those negative effects of sitting for 8 hours a day.

And also, setting for prolonged periods really increases the pressure on your lower back, and you tend to have more back issues when you’re sitting a lot. It’s actually one of the main reasons that people hate sitting too long.

How can a Standing Desk be Helpful?

But the real question here is are standing desks with under desk treadmill any better? So the logic being that, if we’re sitting for too long, then maybe we should be standing at our desks. That’s gonna force us to move maybe a little bit, and that’s going to be better. At least that’s the logical reasoning. But there’s some conflicting evidence as to whether standing is actually any better. For example, people talk about glucose variability, and some studies will say that reduced glucose variability results from standing, which is a good thing, and others will say, no difference.

Movement is Good

It’s definitely bad to be sedentary for too log. This is why I believe that a height adjustable desk is actually the best, because you can either stand or sit as you like while still working, and when you’re standing, you tend to move around a little bit more, you’re shifting your weight. Once you are tired of sitting and start having some lower back pain, just press the button, then go back up to standing.

Work Health Balance

It’s worth noted that treadmill and bicycle, they tend to report minimal detrimental effect on cognitive performance. Some actually result in improved performance. For example, Torbans and colleagues in 2016 found a positive effect on speed across tasks requiring variable amounts of attention and inhibition. Most studies also suggested using these exercise desks intermittently. It’s going to help you with increased energy expenditure, keep you healthier.

When you are working out at moderate to high intensity, your body needs to allocate more of those resources and energy towards the exercise, towards your muscles. Whereas when you’re at a lower intensity, you can then reallocate those resources more for your brain for neuronal activity.

What you should do with a Standing Desk?

Okay now, here is what you should do. It comes down to 3 actionable steps.

Get a Standing Desk

First is that a motorized stand desk will make an immediate improvement in your physical discomfort. Aches and pains throughout the day. And if you’re eliminating pain and discomfort, you will become more productive in turn since you’re becoming less distracted.

Use it Properly and Wisely

Start your workday off at a standing position, because later in the day, you’re going to be too tired. And once you get tired after an hour or 2, press the button, go back down to sitting, then rinse and repeat. Once you get tired of sitting, and start noticing some aches and pains or just discomfort anywhere, press the button and try going back up to standing.

Make a Commitment

If you are still considering whether to buy a bicycle or treadmill desk or not, just go and try one out. Because buying means taking a plunge, it’s kind of a commitment. They’re expensive, they’re really big, take space, and you might not decide that it’s the right thing for you. Why not go step forward, try one out first?

Final Words

Now, what do you think about the sitting versus standing versus exercise desk debate? Hope this will help you in making the decision of whether to buy or not.






Adam likes to share sport knowledge with people. He played football in high school and college, and now he want to help others reach their goals. Adam is always willing to help, whether it is giving advice or just lending a listening ear.

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